Domain's History

Pommard Historique

Jean Luc Joillot took over the family Domaine in 1981.  His father had died when Jean Luc was ten years old and it was his mother who courageously continued, concentrating at the time more on the nursery business than the vines.

In 1983 the domaine was restructured following the purchase of a parcel of vines in the Pommard Premier Cru designated "Les Petits Epenots".  In 1986 a sharecropping arrangement was set up covering 3 hectares, which included family vines, but notably Pommard "Les Rugiens", enabling the further growth of the domaine which today amounts to 14 hectares.

All the production is bottled and sold in the traditional markets in France and abroad.  Fifteen different appellations are now offered.

Photo de Jean-Luc JoillotJean Luc works on more than 60 parcels of vines spread over the commune of Pommard and 2 parcels in Beaune.  He operates a system of minimum use of sprays ("lutte raisonee"), pruning excess bunches of grapes from the vines where needed ("vendange en vert"), and harvests by hand, which allows him to vinify grapes that are whole, ripe and healthy.  The vinification is very careful, relying on a long fermentation involving the practice of cap punching ("pigeage"), then maturing, principally in carefully selected barrels, of which a quarter are renewed each year.

After more than twenty years he is still trying to achieve new goals, with the installation of a new vatting house ("cuverie") and tasting cellar, and the purchase of vines in the Pommard Premier Cru designated "Les Charmots", which had its first harvest for the domaine in1999.

In 2003, there was even the opening of a Show Room, at the initiative of Lydia, his wife.