Pommard 1er Cru "Les Petits Epenots" - Domaine Jean Luc Joillot

Name : Pommard Premier Cru Les Petits Epenots

Area used for cultivation : 47 ares 62 (1.18 acres)

Age of vines : 2 parcels of at least 70 years old

Production : 2,900 bottles per year

Grape variety : Pinot Noir

Working the vines : Pruned to a single stem ("Guyot Simple").  Pre-emergence spraying and tillage.  Chemical use kept to a minimum ("Lutte Raisonee").

Method of harvest : Manual.  Thinning out of bunches to ensure best quality and staying within permissible limits of production ("vendange en vert") and manual sorting as necessary.

Method of vinification : Stalks removed prior to pressing, fermented for 15 to 20 days dependant on the year.  Kept for 14 months in wooden barrels one third of which are new.

Soil type & Exposure : Soil, clay and limestone mixed.  Exposure, south south east.  These vines are situated at the bottom of the slope to get the maximum sunlight.

Comments : The areas known as "Grands Epenots" and "Petits Epenots" (or in Beaune, collectively as "Les Epenottes") are now agreed to be some of the best in the region.  The word 'espinel' denoted an area planted with thorny shrubs, from the Latin 'spina' meaning thorn.  The word endings "el" and "aul" have developed into "ot" since 1810.  The "Grands Epenots" and the "Petits Epenots" can be differentiated by the size of the rows of vines.

Etiquette Pommard Les Petits Epenots

Photo des Vignes - Pommard Premier Cru Les Petits Epenots